If you have additional questions not answered here, please don't hesitate to reach out!


1. Is Laura taking commissions?

Yes! Laura loves the opportunity to work with her patrons to help create a piece of art that they will love and find meaningful. Laura does work full-time as a mental health professional so she can take a limited number of commissions a year.

If you have any questions about the commission process, feel free to reach out via the Contact page! Laura is happy to talk about subject matter, size and even where to place your piece of art in your home if you aren't sure where to start!

2. How long does a commission take to deliver?

Depending on size, subject matter and other factors, the timeline can vary. Generally speaking, because Laura often wants to complete a couple of sketches to work out color harmonies, paint application techniques and compositions, commissions take a couple of months to complete. Once completed the paint also needs adequate time to cure before it is ready to get a final varnish and ready to ship/deliver.

3. What paint does Laura use?

At this time, Laura works only with oil paint. She hopes to experiment with other mediums in the future!

4. What does Laura paint on?

Depending on the subject matter, Laura has preferred painting surfaces. You will see what surface was used in the listing for each work of art.

5. Will my art come framed?

Yes! Laura makes her own natural wood floater frames. Each frame is made custom at the time of purchase. Works will ship once they are framed and ready to be hung immediately on your wall!

6. Does Laura take returns?

Unfortunately Laura does not take returns. If you are unsure about a piece of art before buying it, Laura would love to hear from you! If you would like something similar to something she has already created, she would be happy to hear your thoughts and see if a commission isn't a better fit for your art needs!